We are proud to present the fourth release on our imprint made by dear friend Noraj Cue. This is his first EP after releasing his second album ‘Inner Glitch’ on his own label Happy Camper Records. He delivers a fresh versatile 4 track EP that shows what the man is all capable of.

Kicking of with the track ‘Noone Else’ that will be released first as an single with videoclip where he opens up his mind about being yourself. Arutani on remix duty shines his light on the matter with his deep interpretation.

‘Too Late Tonight’ the title track of the EP is an ode to the moment we probably all know and for sure experienced. That moment you stayed up for too long and are stuck in that particular moment knowing you have to go to bed. Stuck in a loop? Or is it the Trippin Jaguar remix you are listening to? Well it’s definitely the kind of trip hop song you wanna end up with before closing your eyes.

Guess ‘Backfire’ is the right name for your sleeping plan right? This more oldskool kind of dance floor banger shows the minimal side of Noraj Cue. Damn if you think it wasn’t hot in here already the guys from Wille zum Wahnsinn take it up a notch while slowing it down… Am I dreaming?

So when you finally have woken up its time to start your day with ‘Hinga’, the more chilled jazzy kind of tune to set the right tone for your day and hear and feel the soft and loving side of Jaron. We end this journey with head honcho Genii and his interpretation of ‘Hinga’ which feels like the right way to end this late night tale.

Mastering by Noraj Cue (sendmestems.com) *
*Mastering Wille zum Wahnsinn remix by Niko Demmilewski



Release Date : 5 november 2020
Artist : Noraj Cue
Catalog ref. : #TOE003
Format : Digital Download