Noone knows your truth but you. Are you trying to be everything to everyone? Did you lose yourself while trying? The best way to find your other EYE is to lose yourself in the service of others. How much are we affected by the energy floating around us? The endless battles between inspiration versus hindrance.

Well here is the simple answer formed into a song made by @noraj-cue. Sit back and take the time to really listen to this great piece of music and his wise words. We are grateful that our friend @arutani has also shined his light on the matter with his deep interpretation.

“Noone Else” is the single taken from the upcoming “Too Late Tonight” EP released on THE OTHER EYE. The full EP including remixes by Trppin Jaguar, Genii and Wille zum Wahnsinn will be out on the 5th of November 202

Mastering by Noraj Cue (



Release Date : 22 oktober 2020
Artist : Noraj Cue
Catalog ref. : #TOES001
Format : Digital Download