Roswitha’s endless penchant for researching electronic genres and Merlijn’s tendency for lyrical music create a golden blend. Beneath the broader story on their debut EP ‘Fields’, every sound is microscoped with a love for warm synthesizers, narrative in sound and a pulse that drives you forward.

Their opening track Passaat gently takes you down the deep end into Fields, where you can find some fragile solidity. After opening you up, Coqui lets you breathe. Inspiration for this track was the sound of the frog species called Coqui, recorded by Roswitha in the Puerto Rican rainforest. Levante is the emotional finale where the chords of Merlijn’s Prophet shooting you into space. A soft landing can be found in the Levante remix of Genii, deepening in Fields’ remixes by Madmotormiquel and Canson. A real club banger couldn’t be missing: Noraj Cue meets this demand with a remix of Passaat and ties up the EP’s. Bon voyage!

Written & Produced – Roswitha & Merlijn Nash
Mastering originals – Marco Antonio Spaventi
Mastering remixes – Ohxalá
Label – The Other Eye, Amsterdam
Artwork – Armand Bakx



Release Date : 2 juli 2020
Artist : Roswitha Nash
Catalog ref. : TOE002
Format : Digital Download