After releasing their smashing debut EP ‘Fields’ that was well received we welcome back Roswita and Nash with their new project moniker called ROSWITHA NASH. Due to the pandemic they couldn’t bring their sound to the stage. Instead, they poured their quiet Corona hours into creating, and can’t wait to share all of it with you.

For now, they are releasing the single ‘Don’t go asking’. A 7 minute track where they say: it’s alright. The single is completed with a beautiful slow remix by Berlin’s legendary music duo Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder. Can you hear the promising summer buzzing in the warm chords…?

Don’t go asking started out as a combination of a sample of a rough legged owl and a few broken bonds between some human people. In its core the story and feeling of the track is about new beginnings. The chords carrying the track are one part “Where do I go next?” and one part “It’s already okay”. For the detailed listener, someone is very softly asking… How are you? But as the vocals loud and clearly answer: We don’t need to ask each other that question anymore. They are old and tired, and whatever is happening now is new, young, and full of potential. It’s alright.

Released on THE OTHER EYE
Produced by Roswitha Nash
Mastering: Noraj Cue –

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Release Date : 25 juni 2021
Catalog ref. : #TOES002
Format : Digital Download