Close your eyes. Listen, focus, and let your imagination take you on an epic journey to the far reaches of the universe and beyond.

“A Space Calamity” is a retro-futuristic sci-fi epic created by Trippin Jaguar and Small Solar System Body as an homage to the sound of yesteryear’s science fiction. It tells a story of lost machine intelligence, of dark neon-lit cities and vast stretches of seeming nothingness.

A story where questions of cosmic proportions are answered by intelligences far greater and incomprehensible than our own, and encounters with unimaginable beings and legendary figures send you on a Hero’s Journey of self-transformation and discovery.

It’s carefully crafted sound design and vintage synths emerge you in a new reality with unlimited possibilities. Grant yourself this trip through warped electronica, lush ambient and lo-fi breakbeats and find out for yourself what happens when psychedelia and science fiction collide.

Visual artist Jesse Sep provided a visual counterpart to this release that flawlessly captures the themes of this album.



Release Date : 20 mei 2020
Artist : Trippin Jaguar & Small Solar Body System
Catalog ref. : #TOE002A
Format : Digital Download